Access to the certification / accreditation process

Access to the certification / accreditation process involves the following activities.

Presentation of the application for certification / accreditation

SP who have completed the first year of the course (the third year of the course for SMD) for at least one year can submit the application for quality certification.

BD and MD who have already issued qualifications for at least one year can apply for EUR-ACE accreditation.

The application for certification / accreditation, for one or more SP, must be submitted to the Technical Secretariat of the QUACING Agency by the requesting University, together with the indication of the Coordinator of the certification / accreditation activity for all the SP involved, who will constitute the reference for relations with the Technical Secretariat.

The application must explicitly state the acceptance of the Statute and the By-Laws of the Agency and must certify that the SP for which the

certification / accreditation meet the requirements referred to in the first paragraph.

The application for certification / accreditation can be submitted at any time of the year.

Signing of the certification / accreditation agreement

Having verified eligibility for the certification / accreditation process, the Technical Secretariat prepares a proposal for an Agreement with the requesting University, which specifies:

the terms for submitting the documentation relating to the SP;

the period foreseen for the external evaluation visit (s);

the times for taking the certification / accreditation decision (s);

the costs of the certification / accreditation process.

Normally, the initiation of the certification / accreditation procedure, coinciding with the signing of the contract by the applicant University, must take place within six months of receipt of the application.

Presentation of the documentation

The applicant SP to be evaluated makes available the documentation required by the QUACING Model.

  • the Documentation File;
  • the Review Report.