Benefits of Label EUR-ACE

The EUR-ACE® system is internationally recognized and facilitates both academic and professional mobility. Furthermore, the EUR-ACE® Label provides numerous benefits.

For Universities:

  • it constitutes the verification of the quality of the Engineering Degree Programs, as it meets the quality standards in the skills established by the world of the profession;
  • it represents an incentive for potential students to choose the Degree Program;
  • provides reliable information on the quality of Master’s Degree Courses for admission to subsequent training levels.

For Engineering students and graduates:

  • facilitates admission to accredited EUR-ACE® Masters and PhD programs of other higher education institutions;
  • guarantees the fulfillment by the Degree Program of the educational requirements for access to the profession of engineer;
  • facilitates the mobility of graduates promoted by the EU Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications;
  • ensures the acquisition of the Eur-Ing title issued by FEANI (Federation Europeenne d’Associations Nationales d’Ingenieurs).

For employers:

  • constitutes a verification of the quality of the Degree Program in Engineering followed by candidates for recruitment;
  • ensures that the skills acquired by candidates for recruitment correspond to an internationally recognized standard, above the minimum standards established by law.

For professional organizations in engineering

  • ensures that graduates meet the training requirements for admission to their registers (if the organization has established its training standards at the EUR-ACE® level);
  • guarantees the acquisition of the Eur-Ing title issued by FEANI.