EUR-ACE ® Accreditation of Engineering Courses: impact of the teaching quality requirements of the AVA 3 model and the new EUR-ACE Framework Standards and Guidelines (04/11/2022)

Training and refresher day (hybrid mode)

Conference Room of National Council of Engineers

Via XX settembre 5, Roma


EUR-ACE® is the quality mark (issued in Italy by the QUACING Agency) of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in Engineering. The EUR-ACE® accreditation of a Study Course allows you to acquire the Eur-Ing title issued by the Federation Europeenne d’Associations Nationales d’Ingenieurs (FEANI). In addition, it facilitates the mobility of graduates as it ensures that the training path followed provides the knowledge and skills required by the world of work, including those for admission to professional registers. In particular, accreditation requires the Degree Program to demonstrate that all the learning outcomes required by the training course are achieved by all graduating students. During 2022, ANVUR published the new requirements of the so-called AVA 3 model for the accreditation of universities and study courses. In particular, the teaching quality requirements were revised in a logic of greater integration of the model requirements in the process of planning and reviewing the training courses of the Courses. In addition, the new EUR-ACE Framework Standard and Guidelines (EAFSG) were approved in the ENAEE General Assembly in November 2021. The training day, which is part of the activities for disseminating the culture of Quality provided for by the Statute of the QUACING Agency, intends to investigate how the innovations introduced by these documents will affect the procedures and, in general, the prospects of EUR-ACE accreditation in the courses of Study in Engineering. At the end of the day, candidates will be given the materials for the examination aimed at accessing the QUACING Register of Assessors. It is possible to participate in the event in person or through an electronic connection.

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Presentations and programme of the training day

Introduzione e programma della giornata – prof Vincenzo Tucci – Direttore Agenzia Quacing (Download)

New challenges in the Engineering profession and education: revision of the EUR-ACE Framework Standards and Guidelines – Prof. José Carlos Quadrado – Vice-Presidente ENAEE

Le novità del modello AVA 3 per i requisiti di accreditamento dei Corsi di Studio – Prof. Massimo Tronci – Consiglio Direttivo Agenzia Nazionale per la Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca (ANVUR) (Download)

Elementi fondamentali del processo di accreditamento secondo il modello EUR-ACE: le EUR-ACE Framework Standards and Guidelines, Statuto e Regolamento dell’Agenzia QUACING) – Prof. Vincenzo Tucci – Università di Salerno – Direttore Agenzia QUACING (Download)

Le Linee guida QUACING per l’AQ dei Corsi in Ingegneria – Modello QUACING – Prof. Alfredo Squarzoni – Prof. Emerito Università di Genova – Ex Direttore e Componente Cabina di Regia Agenzia QUACING (Download)

Il Rapporto di Valutazione di un Corso di Studio: uno strumento per il miglioramento della qualità – Prof. Dario Amodio – Università Politecnica delle Marche – Componente Cabina di Regia  Agenzia QUACING (Download)

Esempio Rapporto di Valutazione (Download)


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